Research-creation process for non-human politics. Interactive installation composed of 15 different sculpture variations of a common polygonal structure. Inspired in the Greek schools ( Pythagoras and Plato among others ) to define the properties of matter and its relation with the macrocosmos ( Kepler ) with polyhedra, the seductive and charming physical forms intend to communicate structure, agency, self-organisation, political responsibility and coexistence between human and non-human entities.

How it happens

The pieces are placed in arrangements predefined by the artist at the beginning of each day of the exhibition.

They are sensitive. They have 7 different sensors, among which are sensors of proximity, movement, temperature, sound and light.

They are expressive. Using their algorithms and the external signals received in the sensors, they respond to stimuli with sound during the day and with light during the night.

They are affective and social. If the entities perceive bodies near them, they will try to communicate. When they perceive others like them, they will try to establish a link and, if they do, they will express themselves as synchronized groups or clusters. The public is allowed to rearrange the entities, affecting its previous relationships with each other when this happens.

The atmospheric differences as well as the pre-defined arrangements and those made by the public will have repercussions on the communication and experience of both the work and the audience.