My work explores the relationships between human and non-human entities, laying out an idea of universal emotions as a consequence of self-organizing matter and as a last resource to communicate with everything that surrounds us.

As an artist, I’m always looking into demythifying the human exceptionalism, while dealing with non-dualistic paradigms. I’m part of a cultural heritage filled with syncretisms and magical vitalisms. México is home to all kinds of spiritual and philosophical blends, rendering a population with all sorts of contradictory beliefs and particular dogmas while placing a base foundation that is relatable to all mexicans.

I believe that as a result of binary categories well rooted into our culture and our language, many problems arise and will keep reaffirmed unless we change the way we think. In the words of Donna Haraway, “it matters which concepts think concepts”. It is with my work, my installations, my sculptures as solid or as ephemeral as they may be that I intend, together with my community and the viewers, to come up with different categories to categorize with.

I expect all entities that come be part of the assemblages that I make to be attentive and perceptive of all that changes, and to try find similarities between those apparently created by them and those happening in their bodies. I hope they react with surprise and awe, but more importantly that they feel the interconnectedness between them and the artwork. It’s important to me that it eventually translates into something similar to coexistence, homeostasis and ecology.

My life’s work is an exploration of transdisciplinary techniques for art analysis and production for both its application in commissioned and research-creation projects. Through graphic and interactive design I explore the capabilities of media to communicate ideas using different symbolic maps while questioning them. Interconnectivity between systems grants me the opportunity to use mainstream and less frequently used technology to create open systems capable of being excited. Computer generated graphics and audio allow me to offer immersive experiences based on contextual data gatherings.

It is with my technical background, as well with my research, that I look into building electro-mechanical, data re-interpreting, social participation sensitive atmospheres to enable and provoke questions. The works from authors like Deleuze, Adorno and Bennet –to name a few– about the agency of matter and non-human politics help me frame a conceptual background for my artwork. What life is and the systematic categorization of itself, artificial and natural bodies, and the distribution of ethical responsibility across human and non-human entities assemblages are some of the ideas that I look for.

The list of public figures that have made an impact on me is longer than my arm. If I may, I would like to acknowledge in the science department Lisa Feldman, Antonio Damasio, Richard Hawkins, Rosaura Ruiz and Lynn Margulis. As posthumanities thinkers, Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti, Jane Bennet, Francesca Ferrando, Hichem Naar, and Stephen R.L. Clark have reached me profoundly. My interest in speculative futures has been awaken by Isaac Asimov and Margaret Atwood, among others. Last but not least, I am grateful and daily inspired by the works of Fabiola Menchelli, Gilberto Esparza, Rebecca Belmore, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, David Altmejd, Ivan Abreu, and Olafur Eliasson.

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Founder and president of the Laboratorio Interdisciplinario de Diseño in 2011, educational platform invested in artistic production techniques exploration and local and community-based economies stimulation. Implemented and taught a series of workshops directed to faculty members of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), encouraging more and better inclusion of technology in the classrooms. Along a transdisciplinary background, he holds a certificate from UNAM in Philosophy, Art and Science and a specialization from the University of California, San Diego in the Internet of Things (IoT), among many workshops. With great interest in neurosciences, post-humanities and biology, he undertakes a research aimed to produce artistic work related to current socio-political contexts while challenging the role of science in the participation of their own definitions.

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